Processing of cereal raw materials: flour, groats, bran: wheat, rye, corn, rice, buckwheat - Poland

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We process cereal raw materials, bran flours: wheat, rye, maize, rice, buckwheat, etc.

Our basic products are cereal balls: wheat, corn, rice, buckwheat bran, amaranth, pea, hemp. Composition, taste and texture are adjusted to the needs of the recipient. Detailed information can be found in the "Products" tab on the website

We use a modern production line, the heart of which is a concurrent twin screw extruder .

The production process consists in acting on the raw material with temperature and pressure.

Our products are intended for direct consumption or can be used as an ingredient products such as: crunchy, muesli, bars, dragees, yoghurts, sprinkles, breadcrumbs, bakery additives All the raw materials we use, including dyes and flavors, are of natural origin. We are constantly developing the range of products we manufacture, and our customers help us by asking for new formulations and shapes. We guarantee the highest quality based products on our experience, modern machinery and highly qualified staff. We are ready to work closely with our clients regarding new, desired by them products and semi-finished products for use in final products.

 In our offer

 Rice ball with malt
  Corn ball
  Bran ball with malt
  Corn ball with malt
  Ball rice and bran with malt
  Wheat-bran ball
  Ball wheat and cocoa beans
  Natural porridge extrudate
  Yellow porridge extrudate
  Kulka bran rye
  Natural pellets
  Extruded wheat flour
  Extruded corn flour
  Extruded rye flour
  Buckwheat flour pregelated

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